A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // SEPTEMBER, PT. II – The trip on the mountain that’s about to fall down

So guys which mountain top should we hike to next weekend? Well, there’s one about to crumble and fall down. Let’s go there!

«Mannen» is a mountain in Rauma municipality not far from where I live. A couple of years ago the small village beneath it was evacuated because there’s a huge piece of it threatening every now and then to detach from the rest  of the mountain and smother everything on its path. We thought it would be cool to se the thing before that happened, so we went ahead and did. A glorious hike in both sun, heat, blistering cold, a freakin hurricane and a whole lot of rain to! (And the mountain still stands..) ((for now)). The village was again evacuated just a few weeks after our hike, and just couple of days later they were given the all clear to move back…. HELL NO imma stay right here.



My family is no joke when it comes to celebrating birthdays. My little sister Sara turned 24 while while she was away on vacation. I took it upon myself to make sure that the event did not go unnoticed when she got back home to Norway and dads insanely blooming garden. And no – we are NEVER too old for colorful balloons.



In August my right index finger was worn out from all the times it hit the shutter in July. I shot four rolls of film that month, which is my excuse for only having these six exposures from this month. Anyway, we were back home from our lovely vacation, and I finally spent some time in the glorious late summer mountains. This was the month I realized I really l o v e wandering in the woods looking for mushrooms. So I did. A lot. We also ended the salmon fishing season with a freezer full of goodies, celebrated my nephews birthday and I also girl bossed on with my little and beloved business.


A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // JULY, PT. V – last one, promise

Pic number four – funny story. On our way to the botanical garden, our taxi passed a cemetery where the church and all the tomb stones were made in marble. Every grave was decorated so delicately with flowers, it was all marble, purple, blue and green. It looked so lovely and serene. On our way back I asked the taxi driver to stop at the cemetery so that I could get a quick pic, obviously not being specific enough when trying to explain what a c e m e t e r y actually was.

«You know, where people are buried after they die. Eternal sleep. Laying in the ground. No?»

«Ok, yes, I understand», he said, and then he took me to this place on picture number four. On the inside I was screaming NO WHAT THE PHUCK, but as the calm collected and well mannered gal that I am I politely got out of the taxi with leather seats (WHY would anyone have leather seats when its like one trillion degrees outside) and got a sweaty shot of whatever that thing is.

Funfact done.


A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // JULY PT. IIII – a little more fun in the sun

So I don’t feel quite so guilty anymore about having only a few pictures to share from the month of June when the pics I took in July alone qualifies for all of FIVE blog posts, haha! So I got a little carried away with the analogue love this month, shoot me (GET IT?!). Fun fact; I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase, whopsie.


A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // JULY PT. III – sunny days in Crete

As I mentioned, July wasn’t just all week work work, but also time for traveling and some much needed fun in the sun and quality time spent with my daddy-cool. We kind of spontaneously booked a trip together to bouganvillea-filled Greece, and had a lovely and relaxing week.



The most of July was dedicated to work work work. The last two summers I have attended more weddings then I have during the course of my entire life, and I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to experience all these declarations of love. July was also a month of reunions, solo-roadtrips and travelling. I embarked on an eight hour drive with nothing but my Statiol coffee cup and a few podcasts, and made my way from Ålesund to Bergen to meet my good friend, Kjell-Rune, who I studied with in high school. Bergen was surprisingly shiny and bright this particular weekend!



The analogue project rolls on! Get it – rolls on. No? Ok.

June was all about getting the maximum out of those early summer days that I had been yearning for for so long. There were BBQs and relaxing in the sun, hangouts in my fathers garden and a lot of work with the book project I was currently working with as a photographer. June was packed, but sadly my analogue baby was obviously on the back burner this month. June was in other words not my best month in regards of the analogue project, but I have already received the film from July and August, which I can´t wait to show you! But first things first – my analogue month of June.



One afternoon, after eating sweet blod red cherries and scrumptious peaches at the outdoors fruit- and vegetable market Hala Targowa, my shopping crazy sisters decided to go to a mall near by. Instead of joining them I went for a long walk in the city for a couple of hours. All alone, and it was totally perfect. I thrive on some alone time, and I took the opportunity to get completely lost in the city, only my Nikon and I. I walked and walked and walked and sometimes realized I had been going in circles, probably from me looking up all the time at the amazing architecture. Most of these pics are from those few hours, and the rest of them will be posted in my next (and final) part of the analog projec, Gdansk edition.

vindu, horisont rett

seeing this particular roll of film I realize that I just might have a thing for windows and doors. The weather this week was amazing, and my very first magnificent taste of real summer. Spring in Norway can be a harsh and depressing experience, so skirts, open shoes and shoulders burnt to a crisp from the burning sun was just perfect.


city kept me looking up up up! So much amaze. I love the nostalgic feel of film photography. These photos are 100 % untouched, straight from the film. Except for the correction of the horizon on the white/green window pic. My OCD got me real hard and I JUST CAN´T STAND horizons that are off.


We ate a fancy stake dinner at the restaurant just outside the St. Mary´s church, followed by a shot of plum liquor on the house for dessert. Eating and drinking is half the fun when traveling, am I right? Chin-chin!


The hot sun called for lots and lots of sit-downs at local cafés for cool drinks and re-hydration. Some of our favorites were Kahlua-Oreo-milkshakes, alle the mojitos and the ginger sailor.


That´s it for part two!