A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // SEPTEMBER, PT. II – The trip on the mountain that’s about to fall down

So guys which mountain top should we hike to next weekend? Well, there’s one about to crumble and fall down. Let’s go there!

«Mannen» is a mountain in Rauma municipality not far from where I live. A couple of years ago the small village beneath it was evacuated because there’s a huge piece of it threatening every now and then to detach from the rest  of the mountain and smother everything on its path. We thought it would be cool to se the thing before that happened, so we went ahead and did. A glorious hike in both sun, heat, blistering cold, a freakin hurricane and a whole lot of rain to! (And the mountain still stands..) ((for now)). The village was again evacuated just a few weeks after our hike, and just couple of days later they were given the all clear to move back…. HELL NO imma stay right here.


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