A ROLL OF FILM A MONTH // JULY, PT. V – last one, promise

Pic number four – funny story. On our way to the botanical garden, our taxi passed a cemetery where the church and all the tomb stones were made in marble. Every grave was decorated so delicately with flowers, it was all marble, purple, blue and green. It looked so lovely and serene. On our way back I asked the taxi driver to stop at the cemetery so that I could get a quick pic, obviously not being specific enough when trying to explain what a c e m e t e r y actually was.

«You know, where people are buried after they die. Eternal sleep. Laying in the ground. No?»

«Ok, yes, I understand», he said, and then he took me to this place on picture number four. On the inside I was screaming NO WHAT THE PHUCK, but as the calm collected and well mannered gal that I am I politely got out of the taxi with leather seats (WHY would anyone have leather seats when its like one trillion degrees outside) and got a sweaty shot of whatever that thing is.

Funfact done.


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